• TEIJA 'The Poeta' Collection

    TEIJA 'The Poeta' Collection

    Inspired by Milton Avery's watercolour landscapes in which unexpected shades of colour and silhouettes create beautiful still scenes, and Rothko's illuminating use of colour, 'the Poeta' collection paints picture of a young poet and young muse both in the delicate handmade detailing as well as in the feel of bigger, breezier colour scheme. The pieces in this collection are full of expression and intention in the detailing as well as the new feminine cut from silk twill and tulle to cleaner cotton sateen and stripes.


    Photography John Hersey Studio

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  • TEIJA at Lilla Roberts Fashion Event

    TEIJA at Lilla Roberts Fashion Event

    Lilla Roberts, a gorgeously styled hotel in Helsinki design district, hosted a yearly fashion event in June featuring many exciting Nordic labels - including attached look from the TEIJA Summer collection. The linen dress with 'engineered gathers' was worn by

    Essi Niemisto, a stunning local personality who is a model and digital creator. The look was accessorized with Finnish brand Lumi bags. Overall styling was created by Vesa Silver and Meri Milash. 

    'Building outfits in Helsinki is interesting and it often depends on finding a versatile solution - like offering layering to create weather flexible looks while embracing the new summer designs. The Helsinki girls have a very feminine yet modern cool fashion forward style. ' Teija Eilola, Designer for TEIJA

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  • TEIJA Fall 22 at Paris Fashion Week

    TEIJA Fall 22 at Paris Fashion Week

    TEIJA Fall 2022 collection was shown to the International buyers and Press at iconic Paris fashion week in February 2022 next to Hoxton Hotel Paris.

    The collection was described by designer Teija Eilola as the 'Edge of Craftsmanship' highlighting the exciting locally sourced Scottish wax cottons that had patent created in 1910. Also some of the cottons are bought from mills who grow their own cotton. The new techniques in the collection include engineered ruffles and quilted leather.

    Suzanna Gembege, stylist and fashion editor from Helsinki, visited the Paris showroom to try on some of her favourite Fall designs. Suzanna said she is a big fan of well structured pieces and that is what she absolutely loves about TEIJA Fall 22 Collection. In her words the collection is 'full of unique, interesting and dreamy designs. Perfect pieces for versatile styling - you can dress up or dress down'. We couldn't agree more with Suzanna. The beautiful, clean lines are important for this season. 

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