July 02, 2024

TEIJA Style Notes: How to pack chic travel looks

By Editor Teija Studio
TEIJA Style Notes: How to pack chic travel looks

Teija Style Notes is our regular feature, bringing you tips on how to wear TEIJA and how to dress stylishly wherever you are heading to. We look at how materials and cuts help to build strong TEIJA holiday outfits and how to weave style with practical choices with Teija Eilola, Designer and Founder, TEIJA Label.

This month we are looking at packing for holiday and discuss the pieces in our luxurious TEIJA range that make chic travel companions to have at hand at any warm resort.

What would you recommend to pack for stylish get aways?

The materials and loose cuts are key, every piece will need to work in hot days and be versatile in case you go from shopping to the beach or vice versa.  Cut and materials play a big part in planning holiday looks. Being the designer of the label I dress the same way I present my collections, with a sense of silhouette building, finding a lead item and pairing it with something a bit timeless. Natural materials, voluminous shapes, fun colours make me feel indulged, ready to switch off.

What is your favourite piece to wear on holiday this summer?

The Azur Cotton Blouse in pink is one of my absolute favourites. Its simple shape, but it offers so much structure and a great strong silhouette. I love to have a bit of detail in all my pieces, like the diamond smocking on this one around the bib panel. It's a true timeless piece, effortlessly feminine and works with everything you pair with it, from shorts to chinos. I'm a huge fan of crisp cotton in hot temperatures, as it keep the fabric away from the body, and it is surprisingly luxurious to wear.

How do you plan day and evening looks for stylish holidays?

I bring a few hero pieces that I just can't wait to wear that mix with different tops or bottoms. I also include some super thin layers, maybe a little thin jersey skirt with a split, or fine racer vests. So that I can make the outfits light for warm evenings, but can add or remove layers. For me holidays are time to dress up, be more daring, and ideally have an element of fantasy. So I always pack some more daring pieces that add element of fun when needed.